GHU x Game Test

Game Hub Umeå invites you to what is hopefully the first of many game testing events! This is an opportunity to meet up, have a cup of coffee, play some of the games the community is working on and then proceed to mercilessly try to break them!

Our first batch of games to be tested are graciously submitted by three developers:

  • The Fine Arc
  • Frostspektrum
  • SFW Studios

The game testing will take place at eXpression (Östra Strandgatan 32, Konstnärligt Campus) and is entirely drop-in for the duration. However, as the building is locked you might need to message Stefan on Discord to be let in – drop a DM to Wardka#4023 (or to one of the developers) and we’ll get you set up with a cup of coffee and a controller ASAP. Use this door:

See you there!


26 October 2022


- 18:00


Game Hub Umeå invites you to try out and test some of the games made in the community! Coffee & games, what more can you ask for?


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