ALL Hallows’ Game Jam

It’s finally time! Game Hub Umeå cordially invites you to attend this year’s spooooookiest game jam on the weekend of All Hallows’ Eve! What’s that you say? Halloween and All Hallows’ Eve are two different things and the latter isn’t spooky at all?

Moving on!

After the dark times when all we had were online jams, it’s time to meet up for real once more – this time at Kulturhuset Klossen, which is ours for the weekend. There’s plenty of space for plenty of teams, so tell all your friends and let’s make this a jam to remember! No prior experience required, and although it’s great if you’ve already assembled a team, single applicants are more than welcome – we’ll find a team for you to join!

Some important things to remember:

Theme: Secret for now – but expect spooookiness!
Place: Kulturhuset Klossen near Ålidhem Centrum
Bring: Computer, inspiration (!) power cables (!!) and snacks (!!!)
Sleep: Please do, but in your own bed and not at Klossen; it won’t be kept open all night long
Cost: Free!


  • Teams can be of any size
  • Premade assets are allowed as long as you have the license to use them
  • Play nice. As usual, the GHU community rules (available on Discord) apply!
  • Upload your game! We want all games to be playable even by people who can’t attend, so keep an Itch account handy!
  • Signing up is a requirement for attendance!

Credit to ajcha#3365 for the amazing cover art!


4 November 2022
- 6 November 2022




Something wicked this way comes! It's a weekend where we make games together!


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