Game Hub Umeå (GHU) is a community for game developers located in beautiful Umeå, Sweden. Envisioned as a place for creative minds to meet, showcase their works and draw inspiration from each other, the community gathers on our Discord server but also meets up at events organized and run by GHU. Anyone is welcome, whether they are a professional game developer, a hobbyist or simply someone with an interest in the games industry and game development.

Game Hub Umeå is run by its members and they decide what they want the project to beCommunity initiatives, events and suggestions are all welcomed with open arms, and the intent is that the community decides which shape GHU will take. It receives support from a partnership between the municipality of Umeå and eXpression Umeå and is funded by the municipality with the express purpose of promoting game development within the Umeå region. 

GHU is also a part of Arctic Game, northern Europe’s fastest growing game cluster, which assists studios and individuals with business development, investment support, game educations and events aimed towards building a stronger games industry in northern Sweden. All studios within the region are welcome to participate in the activities arranged by Arctic Game.



Have questions? Want to work with us or propose an event? Reach out to hello@gamehubumea.se and we will be in touch with you soon!

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